17 December 2007

Today is the great Christmas shopping adventure. Hopefully, I'll be able to knock out a lot on my list, so that last-minute Christmas Eve shopping trips (a la my Dad) are not necessary. Of course, Christmas shopping would be a whole lot easier if I could have done it two weeks ago, but this little thing called FINALS WEEK got in the way.

I can't believe how much more relaxed I am now that I am at home and don't have countless deadlines constantly looming over me like creepy giant spiders. Or something. Everything went really well, although last night I had a dream that I got a C in my Torrey class, and it counted for 12 units, and I was freaking out. The nice thing about Torrey is that if you do all the work and learn something and write a good paper, you get 12 units worth of A. The downside is that when you switch to 4 units per semester, you realize the kind of ridiculous juggling act that is managing 5 or 6 different classes that all of your other peers endured. Then you feel kind of dumb for being a pompous ass who is in Torrey.

Tonight I am helping out with some alumni-student scirmmaging for my high school's Mock Trial team. What's weird is that I don't even know these kids anymore - NONE of them were in high school with me. Going back and working on a case again is awesome though. I did pretrial on the team, and it was pretty rad. I don't think I was particularly good, although I do remember one round of competition where I whooped the other guy. I always got SO nervous, and would talk really fast. I am most looking forward to seeing old friends, though.

That is the thing that makes me most sad about leaving, is leaving my friends and my family. In some ways, my friends at Biola have become like a family. The last two and a half years have been kind of difficult for my family and I, because they feel so incomplete without all four of us together. I have the blessing to have a great group of friends, while they just miss me. At least, for the last 2.5 years, they have seen me pretty much at least every weekend. But now it'll be four months without a bit of me at all. I like being missed, but sometimes it feels like there is a certain amount of pressure--not necessarily intentional--to make up for being gone most of the time. All in all, though, it will be good.

Off to prepare a cross-examination of the defense expert witness, Dr. Schrute (yes, really. There is also a person in the case name Dr. Robert Kelso. Coincidence? I think not...).

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