31 January 2008

Update Time!


So I am so stoked that I get to go to amazing lectures. Like Metropolitan KALLISTOS speaking on the threefold path of spirituality in Origen (Benedicta Ward is next week!!!) or Simon Schama speaking on the effect of religion on the abolition movement in the United States, or an awesome series entitled 'Standardization and the History of the English Language', or another awesome series about modernist poetry, or a graduate colloquium called 'Methods and Media in Patristics'. Here is a photo of myself and some other SCIO students with Simon Schama:

From left to right: Katharine, Amy, J, the inimitable Simon Schama, Scotland, Alyssa, myself, and Emma.

They really did make T-Shirts. Simon was so tickled.

The night before this, I made lasagna for the food group. It was pretty tasty. Jonathan, intrepid Junior Dean extraordinaire, made parsnip, broccoli, and stilton soup. IT WAS DELICIOUS.

I am trying to think of other exciting things which have happened. There really hasn't been much. This morning was my second in a row running in the park, which has been delightful. My feet have been giving me trouble, but today I went to Boots and got some insoles and my feet are much happier.

OOH! Something exciting did happen today! I got to go read in the Duke Humphreys room at the Bodleian, which is pretty amazing. It looks like this:

Except that on a dreary Oxford day, it feels much more academic.

Here are some more photos that I have taken in the past few days:
My shelf, before I went shopping.

Out my back window!

The Examination Schools. I'm glad I never have to go in here!

The Covered Market. The best paninis are at Ricardo's. And the lady at the counter calls you 'lovey'. It doesn't get better than that.

The University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, where Cranmer, Latimer, and Ridley were tried and condemned as heretics or something like that. They were burned at Broad Street, just outside of Balliol, and the martyr's memorial is just near St. Mary Magdalen church. St. Mary the Virgin is right near the RadCam and the Bod.


Mrs. Ham said...

Erin it seems (and looks) like you are having a wonderful time! I miss you so!

Love, Maria

Lauren S. said...

You do look like you are enjoying yourself! Cheers!

jenny baker said...

my "favourite" picture is the one with the covered market. it has many wonderful "colours" that remind me of pike street market in seattle.

i miss you. :(

Erin Bernard said...

Maria, Lauren, and Jenny -

I miss you all too! It really has been a wonderful time. I'm glad that you like the pictures. I am also equally glad that you all have blogs, so that I can keep up on what you are all doing too. :)

<3 Erin

bob said...

Boy, with the chance to hear lecturers like that, I hope you know how lucky you are. Enjoy, enjoy, keep on enjoying.