12 February 2008

Picture Update Time

The Radcliffe Camera, part of the Bodleian Library, where I study. The lower level houses English and Theology books. Pretty much, I never leave.

The Bodleian Library's main building. I've only been in here once. Like I said, I almost never leave the RadCam.

The Bridge of Sighs, as seen from the Bodleian Courtyard.

While I was waiting for the Simon Schama lecture a few weeks ago, I snapped these photos of the libraries and surrounding environs. This is the Bodleian, taken from the courtyard. It was dusky, and the lights were very lovely and warm coming from inside. Unfortunately, my camera lacks the capability of capturing that dusky aura.

This is St. Dunstan's-in-the-West. Now, it is a double-parish building, housing the Anglican parish of St. Dunstan's and the Romanian Orthodox parish of Saint...I can't remember. John Donne was the rector here, and sometimes preached here as well. He was also the rector at other parishes, including St. Paul's Cathedral, and preached mostly at St. Paul's, while vicars took the pastoral responsibilities at the other parishes.

The Tower Bridge as seen from the Millennium Bridge.

Looking back at St. Paul's from the Millennium Bridge.

The Globe Theatre from the Millennium Bridge.

Holly, after playing the After Eight Game.

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