31 May 2008

Pigging Out

My friend Gabe introduced me last night to a new game: Pass the Pigs. It comes in this super-nice, molded plastic case to protect the pieces, which are, essentially, two tiny little piggies like the ones below. Note, the photograph is not to scale.

Basically, you roll them like dice and get a certain number of points for how they land. Like a dice game, but with tiny plastic piggies. PIGGIES!

The only thing cuter than piggies are sheepies. Especially English sheepies. Whenever we had to go on SCIO field trips, we would drive on these huge tour buses ('coaches') to wherever we were going, and the drive almost always included the Cotswolds. And there were always sheep. And there were sheep at Stonehenge.

So farm animals are totally cute. When I was two years old I got little socks with cute sheepies and piggies on them. I think there was another pair with cows on them too.

Anyways, the pig game was pretty fun. Kind of goofy, but definitely fun. Addicting. Gabe and I played it for at least a half an hour. He accused me often of cheating. I only cheated like twice. He blatantly cheated. I ended up winning in the end, though.

So get yourselves some little piggies and PASS THE PIGS!

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