13 December 2008

Well well well.

Things are mighty nice 'round here.

I've been working for the last two weeks at the library. I like working at the library. Number one, there are books. Number two, I get to look at them all. I have discovered a few things about books since I began working there:

1. I want to know about more things than I knew I wanted to know about.
2. Biola will let you write a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation on almost anything. (I have come across no fewer than 4 theses/dissertations relating to some aspect of the church life of Koreans, in America and in Korea.)
3. Christian publishers will let you write books on almost anything. (Today I came across no fewer than four books whose title was a variation on the "How to Determine God's Will for Your Life" theme.)

I have also discovered that I have particularly favorite sections to shelve. I do not like shelving the L section. The books are all about education, and the titles are boring. N is good, nursing books are interesting. BS are all the Bible commentaries. Lots of sociology in H. I still have not been downstairs, where all the Dewey Decimal books are. I mean, I've been down there, but I haven't shelved down there yet. P is all the literature. BX is where the Orthodox books are. BT-BZ are all the crazy Christian books. Yesterday I shelved some books in the Christian dating section.

More amazing than the fact that these books are written, published, and purchased, students actually check them out for (presumably) research purposes. Otherwise, I am not so sure why they are being checked out...

At this point, I am only putting off going to bed. Which is something that I do when I am home, when my parents tell me not to stay up too late.

Today I went Christmas shopping, and got my mom a nice toaster oven. Because I love her.

Now I am going to go to bed, after taking some nighttime cold medicine. Mostly because it's the only excuse I ever had to take drugs that make me sleep. Sleep like a rock. Like a baby rock. Like a little baby rock.


amy katherine said...

Little baby rock! I smell a new nickname. And, hello? Christian dating and Korean churches? Who DOESN'T want to read books on those things?

Emily said...

The 700s were always my favourite to shelve downstairs - art books! But they're huge, so not many people like that section :)

Erin Bernard said...

I generally try to avoid shelving downstairs, as I know most people do. On the upside, there are all the crazy dispensationalist evangelical books from the 50s and 60s and 70s, which are always amazing. On the downside, it stinks on that floor. So musty.