25 February 2008

Walking back from something, someday, I passed the Ashmolean museum as the sun was setting. Lovely!

There are a bajillion of these trees in my neighbourhood, and they have pinkish-white blooms. I have yet to discover what kind of tree they are.

Walking up to the Vines with Josh and Emily, we came across the most climbable tree perhaps to ever exist.

Josh and Emily walking up to the Vines, eschewing Headington Hill in favour of this very lovely park.

Josh decides to climb the tree. Emily tried, but her shoes were not the proper type.


These are the boathouses, where all the colleges keep their crew boats and equipment. I was walking down the bank to try and find Amy and Allison. Saturday was the last day of Torpids. Torpids are one of two bumps races held in Oxford each year, the other being Eights, which is held in Trinity term. I think that there are boat races that are not bumps races held during Michelmas term. From Wikipedia:

Crews attempt to progress up their division by hitting ('bumping') the boat in front without being hit by the boat behind, with the ultimate aim of becoming "Head Of The River" i.e. top of the first division. Once a bump has taken place in Torpids, the crew that was hit has to continue racing whilst the bumping crew moves to the side. This can lead to a crew moving down many places during a day's racing.

The men's crews queuing up at the end of the river, right past the Donnington Bridge, for the Division 5 race.

A men's crew from an unknown college rowing up the river, towards the Head of the River. I think that just after this, they bumped another boat, thus moving up a place.

Another men's crew. They did not bump.

Here is a map of the river. The boats row from south to north. The area is really very scenic, with the football pitches (a.k.a. soccer fields) all along the western bank and Christ Church Meadow on the northeastern bank.

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