27 June 2008

Bri brought me lunch today. It was the sweetest thing! It totally brightened my day! There were lots of beautiful, providential things that brightened my day today.

I must say, though that getting the Brain Tickler today at lunch made up for not getting some cherry limeade at Sonic. The Brain Tickler makes me incredibly happy. Everything I ever wanted to know, and even everything that I didn't know I wanted to know (!!!) about Curious George (yes, the curious little monkey) was published in this week's issue. Which brings me to another thing. Sudoku. What the hell is that? My brain does NOT work that way.

Tomorrow I am going to my friend Kerri's wedding (hooray!) and then I am staying overnight with Shannon and going to church at St. Barnabas this weekend (extra hooray!), and then on to the Friends Meeting at St. Barbara's.

Last weekend, I went with BreeAnna and the twin girls to St. Barbara's. After driving 20 miles north of where we should have exited the 5 ('I don't think Pyramid Lake is on the way to the monastery...'), and then back to where we were supposed to go, we finally made it. Erica Seraphima took us to walk in the creek, which, in our long skirts and headscarves, was rather an adventure. Eventually, it ended with three children swimming about in their skivvies and Seraphima throwing creek slime at everyone.

Then it was time for the leaf-taking. Yes, really. Since we were about to begin Vespers for All Saints, it was the leavetaking (apodosis) of Pentecost, so we had to take down all the leaves and greenery in the chapel. Leaf-taking...get it?

Beth helps with the leaf-taking by taking the leaves outside.

The chapel being de-leafed. Or apodosized. Whatever.

Sister Mary was on kitchen duty. She's pretty much one of my favorite nuns ever.

The chapel, all vested for All Saints vespers.

Anyways, it is Friday night, and my brother and I are home without the parentals. What does that mean? It means get to watch a movie. I hope there is something good on, or at least a new episode of 'Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?'


Lauren S. said...

I love those nuns. Sister Mary is the cutest little thing. Have Jason tell you his story about Sister Thekla and the stuck truck. Total awesomeness.

jenny baker said...

sounds like a weekend well spent! i'm glad you had fun.

sudoku! i know! craziest thing ever, and it doesn't do much to boost my self esteem... :(