16 July 2008

So I am thinking of going to England over interterm again this year.

I'd want to stay at least a week, but two weeks is too much.

Airfare on Orbitz, for now, is about $950-1000. That's a lot of money that I don't really have yet. But I'd love to take this trip. I would want to go to the monastery for at least a week, and then Oxford and London. 10-14 days. January.

Keeping my fingers crossed, this will work out. By November, airfare prices should come down. I would need a plane ticket and train tickets to and from places. Probably not a BritRail pass. I can make my way around on the cheap for sure. I even could probably get a ride from some people in London to the monastery, which saves like $60.

Ooooh I want to go back so badly! I love that place!


b said...

guess how i am coming up with the money! maria dome is getting me into birthing/ birth/ having a a baby/ whatever its called photography because i guess a lot of her clients request a female photographer ;)

Erin Bernard said...

Birthing photography? Can you really handle that?

But I bet you could get good money for that. And a lot of pregnant moms with lots of money and time want to have artsy pictures done of them and their pregnant bellies, so that's another avenue worth pursuing.

But birthing pictures...ew.