22 October 2008

Baby Afghan-to-be

Today I started to crochet an afghan for a baby I know who is not born yet. I hope it doesn't suck too much. It's kind of hard because I keep dropping stitches. The only reason I have time to do this is because of the Torrey Bible Conference.

Every fall semester, Biola cancels classes for three days and holds the Torrey Bible Conference. It is an all-university event. We have to go to eight of ten conference sessions, all of which discuss the same topic in some way or another. A few years ago it was Racial Reconciliation. This year, the topic is Sex and the Soul. So what am I going to do while a guy stands onstage and tell us that sex is great (like we didn't already know that) and that we can't have it until we're married (like we didn't already know that)? Why, crochet a blanket!

It's a start. I'm dropping stitches like mad. Hopefully I can be successful. Here are a few pictures of my starting out.

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