30 April 2009

An Open Letter

Dear Patrons of the Biola University Library,

There are many things that you do right. You study. You turn your books in on time, mostly. You don't use your computers in the reading rooms.

There are many things, however, which need serious emendation. However, if you follow these simple guidelines, the library staff will be far more appreciative of you than we all already are.

Please take heed:

1) Do not shell peanuts at your study table. Unshelled peanuts are not an appropriate library snack.

2) Dear seminary students and Biblical studies majors: do not hoard reference books in other sections of the library. We will notice when the NIV Application Commentary for Romans chapters 8-12 is somehow 'misshelved' in the Spanish lit section. You think no one goes down there. But we do.

3) Dear art students: I know the art books are big, and heavy. But for crying out loud, could you please be a bit tidier?

4) Do not bring miscellaneous pets into the library. Say, for instance, a bird. Sitting on your shoulder. It freaks out the other patrons.

5) Do not have prolonged conversations on your cell phone in the library. We can hear you. We can all hear you, and we don't like it. That's what outside is for.

6) Dear English students: stop checking out every book that we have on an author. It's not cool. 'Oh my gosh, who checked out the whole shelf of T.S. Eliot criticism?'

7) For the love of all that is good in the world, please stop checking out Christian fiction, dating books from the 70s, and "PraiseMoves: The Christian ALTERNATIVE to Yoga."

8) And while I rather ENJOY when stuff like this happens:

And even this:

I can't officially condone it.

With love,
Circulation Staff Worker

1 comment:

Maria Nichole Ham said...

I think they'll like your letter Erin, almost as much as I liked those movies. Do you think that the peanuts were for the bird?