16 May 2008


It's been so long!

I like keeping this blog. I think I will.

There is a lot missing between my last post and now, lots of pictures and whatnot. As I update my life right now, I will continue to post the pictures from my time in Oxford. Also, I need a change of theme here because I am no longer in Oxford. I will keep the blog title, I guess, since I have it already.

Ooooh, I got my grades back from last semester. It's good. :)

I should definitely give my blog one of those Latin names, so everyone can see how smart and theologically saavy I am. ;) Maybe I'll use a Russian word or two, just to freak them out and attract some creepy online Russian subdeacon stalker guy. Not that subdeacoons are bad. Just sometimes the unmarried ones are a little too eager. God bless them.

Anyways, this is an update to say I will really legitimately put something here soon. Maybe one of my essays. My George Orwell Essay... I liked that one. I will post THAT one.

I leave you with a photo of the whole SCIO group on our last day together. I'm on the left, in the middle, sitting next to Will and Caitlyn and Derek. The dashing British bloke in the front, wearing the iridescent purple shirt, is our intrepid Junior Dean, Jonathan. Watch out ladies, he's single. ;)


b said...

you are back:)

+ i have your moms shoes

+ what is that blog we were talking about... not stuff white people like. its one i have not seen yet... i forget what you said but it sure sounded fun!

jenny baker said...

aw, you all look like such a happy bunch.

i've missed you two sundays in a row! ack!

Erin Bernard said...

Brianna: okay, I'll get them next time I see you. Sorry I forgot! Also, the blog is called Painfully Hip. Super cool. :)

Jenny: I know! I was feeling so crummy yesterday, I couldn't get out of bed. But today was much better, so hopefully I will see you soon!

b said...

oh cool! i just looked at it! very funny and they talk about my$5.00 rite aid shoes... they didn't drop the brand name though... "fun steps" :):)